Challenges of digitization

Financial companies and banks across the globe are urged to increase investments in technology to stay afloat. But the cost of survival is prohibitively high. A fast, seamless and cheap solution can let incumbent financial institutios stay competitive, unleash new market opportunities and contribute to the creation of new financial architecture.

Solution solution combines a multiproduct FinTech platform and a flagship marketplace for FinTech APIs. Our FinTech platform enables financial institutions, banks, and major merchants, to decrease CAPEX 90% and launch financial products 5-10 times faster comparing to current industry standards. The flagship marketplace of FinTech APIs enables creation of unique FinTech products.

Competitive edge

Unique business model:
We deliver our cutting-edge technology in the form of APIs not only to our clients but to 3rd party providers as well. First-of-a-kind marketplace of FinTech APIs brings together top-notch technology providers and existing best-in-class development tools to create unique FinTech products and build a new financial architecture.

Cost, quality and time:
SDK platform moves 5 times faster and saves as much as 90% of your budget comparing to the current industry standards. For instance it takes just one day to launch your own e-wallet or payment system live.


We came up with the idea of launching platform in 2014. Our team has grown from 3 to 13 people. Since then, we have made two releases of our product. Won 13 clients from eight countries including USA, UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Ghana and Ireland.


Apart from customer’s recognition we are regular participants and finalists of frontline industry competitions. For the last year we were showcasing our solution at Pioneers Festival, Bank Innovation Israel Exec FinTech and BNP Paribas International Hackathon. We were named the best FinTech startup in the Czech Republic in 2015.


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