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SDK.finance is the Core Payment and Loyalty Platform wrapped into 310+ API.
SDK.finance provides wide-range of payment/loyalty functionality that enables our clients to build on top of API products suitable for different business models like payment acceptance, e-wallets, loyalty programs, P2P money transfer, mass payment, currency exchange, prepaid cards, mobile payments, cashback, etc.
Our core payment platform with 310+API enables the creation of unique Fintech products with 90 % of CAPEX decrease and product launch 5-7 times faster comparing to existing industry standards.
SDK.finance is innovative, full of the ambitious team bringing a cutting- edge technology combined with best in class development tools to create unique FinTech products and build a new financial architecture.

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Nadezhda Babich, PR manager: 

Our story told by SDK.finance founder

We came up with the idea of launching SDK.finance platform in 2014. The idea was to create a software architecture ready for changes which functionality could be easily deployed or expanded. At the same time, requiring a minimum of resources and allowing to decrease TCO(Total cost of ownership). We managed to create such software using Continuous Integration Approach and DevOps technologies.Since then we made two releases of the product. Our team has grown from 3 to 15 highly skilled specialists. We got happy clients who in different parts of the world including USA, UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Ghana, and Ireland.»


Apart from customer’s recognition, we are regular participants and finalists of frontline industry competitions. For the last year, we were showcasing our solution at Rising Star, Financial IT 2016/2017 Pathfinder Ranking and became winners of KB Hackathon. We were named the best FinTech startup in the Czech Republic in 2015.