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How to Check Fake COVID 19 PCR Test Online. AI-powered Verification

In this article, will discuss AI-powered COVID-19 PCR verification solutions and how to check COVID-19 test results with machine learning technologies. Press Room Announces Anomaly Detection Feature

Modern fraud prevention is expensive. Card-based payment systems worldwide generate fraud losses of up to $30 billion per year. That’s why financial institutions have to prevent financial losses and fraud at the earliest stage. Press Room’s White-Label Platform Help Users Launch Payment Products Faster takes the time-consuming process of creating a FinTech product and reduces it dramatically with a white-label payment platform designed to reduce capital expenditure. The solution is available in a source code format that developers can modify and a managed solution for companies seeking a professional IT service. Press Room Announces Anomaly Detection Feature to Prevent Fraud-Related Losses in Finance

April 28th, 2021 – Today,, a payment technology vendor, announced a new Anomaly Detection feature. The new tool was built to help financial institutions prevent fraud-related losses. Press Room A White-Label Payments Solution for Cards, Digital

Any payments related products can be built on platform such as payment service providers, neobanks, money remittances and currency exchange services. Press Room

Baltic Banks Embrace Open Banking

At least 11 banks in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have set up developer portals which all offer APIs for third-party providers. SDK.Finance, for example, offers core payment software with an API layer for banks and fintechs. Press Room

How to Build a Digital Bank?

Companies aspiring to launch a digital bank can get to market in a fraction of the time by partnering with, a core banking software vendor. Press Room

How Will Generation Z Transform the Banking Industry?

At, we believe that understanding the banking customers of tomorrow is key to developing modern payment platforms and future-proofing our products. Press Room

What opportunities do voice payments unlock for banks and financial companies?

A voice-based payment experience will be the future of FinTech. Only when it will be successfully integrated into payments, banking, and financial operations, will it have a true and lasting impact on our daily lives. Press Room

Voice payments: what the future of customer experience looks like

As with most AI projects, creating a successful voice banking product from scratch to make banking seamless for customers is harder than it looks. This is the main reason that banks are working with companies like to add voice banking. Press Room accepts one-year payment deferral for orders. [The offer is closed]

With the API-first paradigm, Machine Learning, Contactless technologies, and the strong engineering team, we are ready to meet the highest standards of the future. Challenge accepted. Press Room

A List Of Fintech Firms Providing Free Technology During The Coronavirus Crisis

To help banks help their customers through these trying times, many fintech providers are extending free, discounted, or accelerated deployment offers to financial institutions. is one of such providers. [The offer is closed] Press Room

Speeding up the API journey is imperative for banks success

Pavlo Sidelov, CTO, “despite 4 years passed since PSD2 was released, there has been too much talk and too little action”. Press Room

The Future of Banking: Branchless or Not?

This article about the branch vs. branchless debate presents a new vision for the future of banking branches – speculations and suggestions on where the banking market is going over the next several decades. ByAlex Malyshev,  CEO Press Room

1-Year Payment Deferral for FinTech Software to Fight the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus

Pavlo Sidelov, the CTO of, said, “We expect that contactless and online payments will become more popular after the COVID-19 crisis. The era of cashless payments is around the corner.

[The offer is closed] Press Room

How Will the Coronavirus Affect FinTech?

To answer whether COVID-19 will affect banking and FinTech, Alex Malyshev, the CEO of, provides his opinion: “Banks are likely to delay spending decisions to prepare for a possible downturn. This crisis gives opportunities to those who understand people’s needs and take leadership despite the risks.” Press Room

Are voice payments ready to find their voice?

New developments and improvements in voice technology are already driving customer service, bot automation, and even investments in the banking and payments world. Voice services and voice payments are critical components to better service, happier customers, higher engagement, profitability, and future growth. Press Room CEO Alex Malyshev on the future of banking

Alex Malyshev is the CEO at, the API-driven payment software vendor. writes on what the future of banking could look like as we navigate from the COVID-19 crisis. From a local real estate owner to a global financial institution. Press Room

Governmental Support For Banks and Financial Companies During The COVID-19 Outbreak

To help society minimize the negative economic impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak, a financial technology provider, recently announced a 1-Year payment deferral for all companies with financial licenses issued by any country of the European Union and the United Kingdom. [The offer is closed] Press Room

The Importance of APIs for Payment Platforms

How Good Is Your API? Stripe, PayPal, Dwolla, and LevelUp are major players in payment API space. ACI Worldwide, Difitek, Payment Components and are payment API enablers. Press Room The Powerful Fintech Engine

With every passing day different financial companies are facing a great dilemma of finding solutions to the questions that arise while serving for the financial space, and here comes to their rescue.’s back-end software allows its clients to start a payment business in the most possible cost-effective manner, without developing it from the scratch. Press Room

The 10 Best Financial Solution Providers to look for is the Core Payment Platform wrapped into 300+ APIs. It enables payment providers, FinTech entrepreneurs & banks to launch payment and loyalty products – saving time by 10× and decreasing 90% of CAPEX.