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White-Label Banking Platform offers white-label banking software to create digital-only banking solutions and deliver top-notch financial services to make customers choose your bank and stay, for life.

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White label software for all types of banks

Whether you’re planning to serve individual or commercial customers, banking platform will make a decent foundation.

White-Label Banking Platform

Retail neobank

Build a neobanking product, launch it faster and at a much lower cost with with our white label neobank software.

White-Label Banking Platform

Digital wallet

A ready-to-go solution for EMIs and PIs (including AISPs and PISPs). Create a product like Paypal®, Alipay®, or PayTM®.

White-Label Banking Platform

Corporate bank

Base your bank for commercial clients on the banking platform and cut your time to market in half at least.

White-label digital bank solution committed to your business success

Attract customers

Acquire and retain customers via customizable contracts and pricing plans. Attract the target audience and grow your profit from the increased customer LTV and other operations’ fees.

Maximize revenue

Effectively monetize each customer segment by leveraging endlessly customizable transaction fees and limits.

Boost retention

Have exhaustive info about each customer at hand - from operations history to logins and disputes. Exceed clients’ expectations by quickly resolving requests and anticipating their needs, boosting loyalty and revenue.

Equip team for top performance

Your staff will love the bank platform’s admin area with an intuitive UI, a convenient analytics dashboard, and automation for mundane tasks.

Insights at your fingertips

Get visual insights on your digital bank business performance, instantly determine areas that require attention and spot new opportunities. Obtain data on each business area to ensure faster and more effective growth.

Tap into ML and data science

Leverage the ML-ready architecture of the white label bank solution to build tools for fraud prevention, anomaly detection, business forecasting etc. on top of the data warehouse infrastructure within the system.

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Affordable and cost efficient banking SaaS

White-Label Banking Platform

API-first architecture

400+ RESTful APIs to integrate the software into your product and connect more services

White-Label Banking Platform

Cloud-native deployment

Benefit from the cloud cloud deployment - pay an affordable subscription fee and don't worry about maintenance

White-Label Banking Platform

Cloud-agnostic software

Can run on multiple cloud vendors like AWS, Azure etc.

Build the digital bank your customers will fall in love with white label banking app delivers everything required for your neobank success and ensure frictionless experience for your customers.

White-Label Banking Platform

Multi-currency accounts

White-Label Banking Platform

Currency exchange

White-Label Banking Platform

Expense visualization

White-Label Banking Platform

Visa/MasterCard issuing

White-Label Banking Platform

P2P transfers

White-Label Banking Platform

Fully remote onboarding

White-Label Banking Platform

Multilanguage capabilities

White-Label Banking Platform

Payment templates

White-Label Banking Platform

Contact list transactions

White-Label Banking Platform

Disputes and support

Digital bank platform to drive growth

White-Label Banking Platform

Launch faster

by using the reliable software as a foundation for your bank, and skip the stage of development from the ground up.

White-Label Banking Platform

Integrate easily

with third-party service providers thanks to the API-first architecture of the white label digital banking platform and let your customers satisfy their banking needs in one place.

White-Label Banking Platform

Scale smoothly

with our highly adaptable technological stack, handpicked to help businesses achieve three things: growth, flexibility, and security. All of our products are developed using only the best tools for the job. Learn more here.

White-Label Banking Platform

Make informed decisions

and create data-driven offerings to drive customer retention and engagement via the built-in analytics dashboard with visualized information on all aspects of your business.

White-Label Banking Platform

Personalize without restrictions

starting from web interfaces for staff and end customers to additional features to roles and access levels.

White-Label Banking Platform

Forget about vendor lock-in digital banking white label format with source code ensures total independence from the software provider and freedom to modify the solution per your roadmap.

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    Can I audit the software before purchasing?

    Absolutely. Moreover, it is a part of the purchase process that we find indispensable. Find out the details of the software technical audit.

    Can I request your digital bank white label product Demo?

    Sure, reach out with your request and have our expert walk you through the platform.
    Alternatively, you can watch the product demo videos .

    Is banking platform secure?

    Totally. We follow the latest safety practices and methods during the development process to implement high-security layers at all stages of our software. Learn more about security of our software here

    What integrations does white label bank platform support? API-first business architecture allows integrating 3rd party tools at any stage of the customer onboarding or transaction flow. Whether it’s new features or better security measures, our API set makes it easy to connect the right tools to your product as required by regulations or for the customers’ convenience.

    Are there any location-related restrictions for using your bank software?

    Absolutely not. Our solution isn’t limited geographically, due to the fact that it’s fully customizable thanks to the white label format.

    So, if you’re worried about using our white label digital bank for USA, Middle East, MENA, LATAM or other regions – no need to. Unlike the cloud based banking software that’s often limited by regulations, our on-premise banking solution can be used in any location and made to meet any regulator’s demands.

    Is banking platform cloud-based or on-premise?

    Our banking software is available in two variants:

    1. The cloud version is hosted on the major cloud provider marketplaces like AWS or Azure, with subscription-based payment model. You get the app deployed on the cloud, while the database is hosted on your own server for the sake of regulatory compliance.

    2. Also, you can choose an on-premise version that comes with the source code license, available for a one-time flat fee. Learn more about the details of the source code purchase and knowledge transfer.

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