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Trusted software development partner

SDK.finance is the European FinTech software development company founded in 2013.

Our core team has been active on the market of  Financial Technologies for about 12 years and brought all its experience into a new SDK.finance Platform, which is the core payment platform for banks and financial institutions.

We’ve gathered a team of professionals that is able to provide the full cycle of development and support. We are proud to admit that we see things differently, trying our best to bring forward something new and powerful.

This approach has led us to the launch of our unique core payment platform, that can be used by banks and financial institutions as well as FinTech companies, and reduce time and costs for launching their new FinTech projects.  
SDK.finance started in 2013 and we’ve been going strong ever since, gaining experience, and delivering exceptional products and service to our clients. Our efforts have been highly rewarded! We’ve won a number of awards, which you can view on our Awards and Nomination page.

SDK.finance is a powerful back-end engine for FinTech products which enables significant cost and time saving without compromising the distinctive quality of the product

Revolutionizing FinTech

We aim to build a unique ecosystem bringing together top-notch technology providers and existing best-in-class FinTech tools.

Currently twelve clients from seven countries including USA, UK, Spain, Czech Republic, and Ireland have capitalized on SDK.finance platform.

Our team

Prior to building SDK.finance (in FinTech for over a decade now) we have developed a number of financial products such as payment service provider, electronic money, e-payment services, and financial middleware. Currently 30 highly skilled employees deliver the cutting-edge technology in the form of SDK.finance. A combination of strong technical and marketing expertise, backed by a visionary C-level approach makes us the superior FinTech solution provider on the market.

Pavlo Sidelov

CTO, system architect


Pavlo has been involved in software development for FinTech for more than 12 years now. He is an author and the main ideologist of the SDK.finance platform.

Alex Malyshev



Alex has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and management. At SDK.finance Alex is responsible for marketing & relationship with clients.

We are trustworthy