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Money remittance software for your business develops payment software solutions for businesses. You can build your neobank on our banking core or buy our e-wallet product to manage the payments your clients make.

money remittance software for your business

Flexible Digital Wallet software for money remittance

Integrate payment acceptance software into your product or service. Add the functionality for your business to accept and process payments.

  • Easily integrated with control in your hands

    We sell money remittance software on-premise. You get complete power over the product that you can set up on your servers and integrate with your business of any niche. Use our ready-to-go white label e-wallet solution the way you want it. It is designed as the base for a more advanced neobanking core, so the basic product has vast opportunities for development by your team.

  • Build up the payment acceptance product with more features

    Our money remittance software is API-oriented. It means that it is designed to be integrated with the services and tools you need for your business. We do not limit your potential by our payment acceptance core, as you can freely add up the functionality you may need in the business cycle later.

  • Powerful scalable transactional core

    Our money transfer software handles 30-70 transactions per second in the basic build. It allows you to run a heavy payment load business and not to worry about random activity spikes on Black Fridays. However, our product is easy to scale up. You can double or triple the capacity of the money remittance software adding up the hardware to your agile API-first core.

Or do you need the neobank core?

This is the product page of our e-wallet solution. However, if you need a neobanking core with more functionality that suits your clients’ demands, better read more about another product of ours.

About neobank core

Money remittance features of the ewallet software

We develop payment software that solves your business agenda and does not limit you in scaling and integration of new products to your payment acceptance or neobank core. Our product allows you to build a money remittance business with great attention to your clients. 

Here is the functionality you can offer your clients from the day one you integrate the payment core into your product:

icon ewallet

Multi-asset accounts

Introduce any currency you need to your customers. You can create your currencies in the system and define the currency exchange rates. These features may be critical for crypto platforms and bonus systems.

icon in store payments

Bank payments

Integrate the payment providers to offer IBAN, SWIFT transactions.

icon currency exchange

Internal P2P transactions

allow your users to make the payments between their closest peers. Open the opportunity to do quick transactions between cards and wallets.

Operations visualization

Show your clients the visual part of the payment core with money spendings visualization. Put the operations on the map and display where and how much they spend.

Complex product for banking and money transfers creates financial products, one of which may suit your business. They are built on the same architecture and based on the same principles, which makes them reliable, flexible, and ready for future scaling.

Find out more about the specs, price, and features of each product here.

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Ready to tell you more about your future money remittance software. Ask us.

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Ready to tell you more about your future money remittance software. Ask us.

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