Card to Card

The Card to Card service allows customers to transfer money from cards to cards online. This money transfer business model is very simple: the Card to Card service provider is an intermediary between the cardholders' banks. Such services earn part of the payment traffic as commission (profit).

Card to Card

As an administrator of your Card to Card service, you will manage such tasks as:

  • Control over all operations
  • Set the rules of the contract: limits, commission rates, currency exchange rates, thresholds
  • Set the limit rules: per transaction/day/week/month
  • Payment gateways: add & manage any payment gateway into the system
  • Dispute resolution system (DRS): solve arguments between users (for example: merchant/payer)
  • Manage the payment page configuration

The typical list of actors for Card to Card business model:

  • User - cardholder which sends or receives money
  • Admin - responsible for the financial and economic essence of the business

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