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Scalable software to build a standalone digital wallet on top or add electronic asset accounting functionality to your product.
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Get the general ledger layer offers a general ledger layer software for payment-heavy businesses that require real-time multi-asset accounting. Get it on subscription and on-cloud to cut expenses and team resources for businesses.

Multi-asset ledger software solution that transforms business workflow

The general ledger layer solves many problems businesses face while blitzscaling or adjusting the old software to new business realities. is working with emerging and actively growing businesses to develop solutions that help in the management, accounting, and real-time reporting of the multiple assets within the business workflows. The general ledger layer improves the ETL (extract, transform and load) process of the overall platform, enriches data, and gives instruments. It allows the integration of the different functional modules of the business into one ecosystem, collecting information about actions and entities.


Businesses may have different objectives, workflows, and assets that the general ledger has to reflect in its functionality. general ledger layer allows introducing multiple assets and sub-assets into the system. As for payment-heavy businesses, such a ledger allows to integrate thousands of unique accounts with specific parameters and log all data about each transaction or banking operation related to this account. wants to limit the risks of all-in commitment of the one-time code purchase for businesses that need an effective affordable software solution for their workflows. The company offers access to a separate ledger with an API module for integration with one’s dataflows.

Features of the general ledger layer for businesses

Multi-asset management

Collect, manage and transform data of different types and entities into one structured database. Use the ledger layer for accounting, data management, and business analysis.

Modular structure

Add new features and functionality via the API module to get more functionality from the on-cloud version of the ledger by

Scalable and reliable

The general ledger layer has a modular structure with the potential for scaling up and out. Our general ledger layer is the core of our solutions for neobanks and e-wallets, capable of processing hundreds of thousands of transactions.

Highly secure has 10+ years of expertise in banking software development. Its product teams have hands-on experience in delivering high-quality code, implementing the product development life cycle, automated infrastructure status checking, and following specific secure code deployment routines.

Get the on-cloud general ledger layer by subscription develops the general ledger clients can deploy in-house or use on-cloud. The software solution is infrastructure agnostic. However, the company offers an on-cloud version of the product via subscription at the AWS marketplace. There you can read more about tech specifications and pricing. At the AWS marketplace, we offer the general ledger core, API-modular that integrates the solution with the client’s data lakes. On Github, we published frontend for the back office so one can update and tune it up to the current needs.

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