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Process massive transaction volumes – 2,700 TPS (business transactions per second) and beyond, thanks to our industry-leading performance and future-ready tech stack.

High performance core for payments businesses FinTech Platform Technology

API-first approach (400+ REST APIs) FinTech Platform Technology

Databases 100% under your control FinTech Platform Technology

Isolated cloud infrastructure FinTech Platform Technology

Security by design FinTech Platform Technology

Flexible CI/CD FinTech Platform Technology

PCI DSS compliance (soon)

Tech stack and APIs FinTech Platform Technology


  • System core: Java 17
  • Frameworks: Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate ORM FinTech Platform Technology


  • Operational DB: PostgreSQL
  • Transaction viewer DB: MongoDB FinTech Platform Technology

API layer

  • 400+ Open API endpoints
  • API architecture: REST, gRPC
  • Documentation: Swagger FinTech Platform Technology


  • Technologies: VUE.JS, TypeScript
  • Version control and CI/CD: GitLab

2,700 TPS* workload capacity transaction processing capacity starts at 2,700 TPS* (business transactions per second) on a basic configuration, which translates to over 230 million daily business transactions to sustain your growth without a hiccup.

See performance testing details

*Internal transactions within the system. FinTech Platform Technology

Infrastructure and deployment Platform is deployment agnostic and can operate effectively regardless of the underlying hardware or cloud infrastructure.


Available on AWS, Azure, and GCP, allowing for global deployment that adheres to regional compliance and data sovereignty requirements.


Deployed in private data centers to cater for specific control, security, or regulatory compliance needs.

Containerized and virtualized

Uses Kubernetes to ensure consistency and reliability across different environments.

Local infrastructure

Ensures that data remains within the country of operation, adhering to data localization and sovereignty regulations.

Hardware requirements

Here are the minimum requirements of the instance for both Production and Test environments to run the system and ensure its stable performance.

Front end

CPU – 1
RAM – 2 GB
SSD – 40 GB
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Software: NGINX 1.18.0

Application server

CPU – 4
RAM – 8 GB
SSD – 160 GB
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Software: openJDK 17

Postgres DB

CPU – 4
RAM – 16 GB
SSD – 160 GB
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
DB: PostgreSQL – 14.4

Transaction Viewer DB

CPU – 2
RAM – 4 GB
SSD – 80 GB
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
DB: MongoDB – 6.02


We’ve implemented a comprehensive, multi-layered security approach that protects financial information from unauthorized access, cyber threats, and human error. FinTech Platform Technology

System architecture security

  • ISO 27001 compliance
  • TLS encryption and hashing algorithms (SHA-256/512)
  • Network & intrusion protection:
    • IP filtering
    • firewalls
    • IDS and WAF FinTech Platform Technology

Code quality & security testing

  • SonarQube
  • unit/integration tests
  • static code analysis FinTech Platform Technology

Client & staff access

  • Multi-factor authentication:
    • 2FA and OAuth for both user and staff logins.
  • Back-office access controls:
    • OTP, HMAC, and role-based access control (RBAC).

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