API is the new electricity

Written by Alex Malyshev on Apr, 11, 2018

Can you imagine a modern city without electricity? Sounds like a scene from an apocalyptic-themed movie! So, let’s try to imagine the realities of such an existence. First that pops up in our mind is the lack of internet, TV, and radio – which prevents people from receiving and exchanging

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We are hiring! Business analyst

Written by Alex Malyshev on Mar, 15, 2018

Business analyst Requirements: Strong knowledge of 3 main languages: Business, Software development & English Be able to talk to business guys and elicitation of business and functional requirements Make complicated software development things clear to business persons

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Bitcoin Tale. Chapter 3

Written by Alex Malyshev on Mar, 01, 2018

The Endsville Apocalypse NapkinLand... what a great place to live... where people can fully enjoy their peaceful lives with an abundance of food, affordable shelter, and unconditional freedom. Where a unit of account is a glorious Bitcoin Napkin (BTC-napkin for short) which is stable, doesn't cost

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Bitcoin Tale. Chapter 2

Written by Alex Malyshev on Feb, 11, 2018

A year passed since a young man named Christopher Pumpkin (a.k.a “Napkin”) received the Nobel Prize for saving the planet from global warming. As time has passed, however, the camp of his opponents has grown, since he has been blamed for the emerging Paper Chaos. SMEs, corporations, banks, and

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Written by Alex Malyshev on Feb, 08, 2018

Prague, Czech Republic 8 February 2018, a digital banking technology provider, supersedes Visa and other major players in terms of API endpoints. Striving to deliver the best-in-class back-end platform, beats the giants of the payment-processing industry and other major

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