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Blog is announcing RESTful API release

Written by on Mar, 21, 2017 is proud to announce a white-label RESTful API release. offers core banking technology solution which allows banks & other financial institutions accelerate their digital growth. The current 1.24.70 version grants access to 90 APIs for transaction-related products.

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“Where others deliver Big Data, we provide Smart Data” Dirk Rudolf of FinTecSystems

Written by on Feb, 19, 2017

This week I was honoured to talk to Dirk Rudolf, COO & Co-Founder of FinTecSystems. A German Fintech startup empowers banks and other financial institutions with “Smart data” to make financing decisions easier and faster. Why “smart” you might be questioning...let us clear this

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Interview with Harald Meinl, CEO and co-founder of baningo

Written by on Feb, 13, 2017

Today we are sharing the story behind baningo  - a digital platform enabling financial advice accessible online. “...baningo combines the advantages of the online world – such as accessibility, convenience, and efficiency with the individual, personal advice and service of the offline

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Andreas Tschas of “Using tech not just to make money but to make a world a better place”

Written by on Jan, 26, 2017

For the 7th consecutive year the team of unrivalled professionals led by Andreas Tschas, Jürgen Furian  and Oliver Csendes is serving the Global Startup Community by uniting the most promising tech startups with the world’s top investors and executives. invests in startups,

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FinTech Connect Live 2016: Delivering the full ecosystem and focusing on mutual collaboration rather than pure disruption

Written by on Jan, 24, 2017 was delighted to be among 2300 attendees at the UK’s largest FinTech event - FinTech Connect Live - which took place in London on December, 6-7, 2016. We would love to express our gratitude to the organizers for the best-in-class industry event! We have asked James Brown, the Event

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