What We Provide: Front-end, Back-end, Mobile Side, API

Written by on Jan, 12, 2018

Can you please explain a Front-end and Back-end concept? There are 2 terms here: “Front-end” and “Back-end” Each web, app, program consists of them. Front-end is what the user sees on the screen (any device). It is the development of visual stylistics starts in parallel with the

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Launching your FinTech product with

Written by on Dec, 13, 2017

It is not a rare situation for a FinTech startup to fail. There is an array of typical mistakes for startups and they lie in various dimensions such as funding, sales cycle, target market, etc. But one critical issue being often underestimated lies in the technology domain. Tech in FinTech It is

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FINTECHMATTERS: at the forefront of the change

Written by on Dec, 12, 2017

What are the current and future trends in Fintech? How does Polish Fintech ecosystem differ from the one in Germany? What lessons can be learnt from the development of Fintech across Europe? A wide array of relevant questions were discussed at the Vienna FINTECHMATTERS Summit, Nov 23. The

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We are hiring! Technical Support Engineer

Written by on Dec, 04, 2017

Technical writer Requirements: Make complicated things clear High level of written and spoken English Create and maintain guidelines, manuals, and documentation for users & developers Study, analyze and describe complex technical issues in a clear way: texts, diagrams,

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We are hiring! Senior / Middle Java developers

Written by on Oct, 24, 2017

Middle Java Developer Must have: • Java EE: JAX-RS, JPA, Servlet, CDI • Spring: DI, Data • DB: SQL, PostgreSQL Will be a Plus: • Java 8: CompletableFuture • Retrofit2 • Java EE: EJB • Spring: Boot • DB: MS SQL Senior Java Developer Must have: • Java 8: ForkJoin,

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