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Business Case: Digital Wallet

The Product: A digital Wallet as the fast and Simple tool for multi-purpose payments.

Digital Wallet Services allow users to top-up funds using their payment cards and/or bank accounts (and other methods), make transfers, and pay to different merchants.

Global examples:

global examples
The Problem:

  • When it comes to paying online for goods or services, utility bill payments, or fast transfers, we all want to have it in one place and not have to go through the trouble of entering your payment card or bank account details each time we want to make a payment.
  • We would also like to pay fewer commissions for our transactions.
  • In unbanked regions, people want to make online purchases but have only cash.

The Solution:

SDK.finance already has pre-fab modules to create a digital wallet Service that will include:

  • multi-currency accounts
  • ability to top-up account with cash through cash agents or payment kiosks
  • ability to manage commissions for all types of transactions
  • integration of popular services providers to pay for airtime, electricity, telcos, etc., a possibility of merchant payments.

  1. Users register in the system and create wallets.
  2. User can top-up the wallet using different payment methods (payment cards, bank transfer, payment kiosk).
  3. User can make transfers from his wallet to another user.
  4. Users can purchase goods and pay for services with their wallet.
  5. User can withdraw funds from her wallet via different methods (to card, to a bank account, through cash agent).


  • Countries or regions with high percentage of unbanked people: Central Africa countries, Latin America
  • Bordering countries with high level of working migrants (Malaysia-Singapore, Eastern Europe — former USSR countries, USA-Mexico, etc.)