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Fake Utility Bill Detector

AI-powered solution for banks, credit unions and other financial companies.
Detect fake utility bills and other documents used for proof of address with Machine Learning technology

Fake utility bills

Fake utility bills and bank statements are a great problem for banks and financial institutions. The Internet is full of websites that offer ‘fake utility bill generator‘ or ‘fake utility bill for proof of address’. They provide both PDF and also photoshop versions so people can own and edit the document as many times as they like.

It is very difficult to assess financial losses due to forged documents due to the difficulty of verifying their authenticity.


How to detect a fake utility bill?

You can accurately check if a customer actually lives at the claimed address.

Allow your consumers to submit their utility bills by scanning or sending in a photo of their bill into your database. It is a convenient route.

Our AI-powered Fake Utility Bill Detector checks popular file formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF, and others) for signs of manipulation and alerts when it detects any modifications, corruptions, inconsistencies with past behavior, or other anomalies.

Fake Utility Bill Detector provides a clear answer to whether a file was photoshopped or not. Results are displayed in real-time & stored in back-office with evidentiary proof (photo).



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Reduce identity fraud risks

The ideal automated solution for online businesses that must comply with AML requirements designed to stop corruption, money laundering and the funding of illegal activities

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Automated verification tool

Reduce manual review processes by automating data extraction and streamline the onboarding journey

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Time savings

Get results quickly and automatically. Data extraction occurs in seconds on multiple file types

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Learn more about Fake Utility Bill Detection

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