Accounts basics for Platform

Updated on 31 Jul 2023

This section provides a brief overview of the usage and peculiarities of Accounts within our Platform. 


An Account (also known as Wallet, or in-system Account) in the system serves as a container that can hold various types of values. 

Whether it’s real currencies (like EUR, USD, GBP), loyalty points, cryptocurrencies, or any other digital assets, our system allows to store and manage various types of values based on a specific business model. 

Business end-users, including Individuals and Merchants, can create multiple accounts (or wallets) in each currency available in the system. 

Account types

The Platform offers different types of accounts designed for specific purposes: 

  • System level Accounts 
    They serve functions such as calculating in-system circulation volume, collecting commissions, and accounting.
  • Client Accounts
    They are utilized by individuals and merchants and cater to the needs of end-users, providing the functionality for managing their funds and transactions. system does not have separate options for savings accounts or other traditional account types. However, users can customize the names of their accounts or wallets. 

Additionally, during system setup, a naming convention can be established and a list of accounts or wallets can be created for all new users at registration.

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Account attributes

Each account in our system possesses key attributes that define its characteristics:

  • Account name
    Users can set and change the name of the account to reflect its purpose or any other relevant information.

  • Account number
    It is a unique account number generated by the system as an identifier for each account.
  • Currency
    Users can choose the desired currency for each account from a list of available options.
  • Balance
    The balance represents the value stored in the account and can fluctuate based on transactions and other operations.