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Image Forgery Detection Beta Test Program

Aug, 30, 2021
Alex Malyshev

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We’ve run an internal proof-of-concept that works, and now we are preparing a program for beta-test customers.

As a result of this beta-tests, we expect to answer the question “does this thing works well enough to bring commercial value to clients or not”.

Looks promising but at this stage, there is a chance to fail with this technology.

Key terms of the beta-customers’ program

Both sides understand that at this stage technology can work unstable and from time to time give incorrect results. does not guarantee a 100% performance of the software during the beta test.

During the beta-test as the Technology Provider will take its best efforts to:

  1. organize a secure space for images exchange with the Beta-Customer;
  2. use AI/ML to analyze PDF, PNG, JPEG/JPG and other popular images formats;
  3. extract meta information from images (EXIF);
  4. provide to Beta-Customer results on the secured space;
  5. update and improve the technology for solving those tasks;

Beta-Customer is willing to:

  1. participate in this program for up to 6 months;
  2. upload at least 12,000 images for the analysis during this time;
  3. share feedback on the beta-product quality, and usage experience with over interviews, calls, and other methods convenient to both parties.

This program is provided on a free of charge basis. 
Beta-test starts with a  conclusion of Beta Test Agreement between two legal entities: as Technology Provider and Customer.
The program duration is 6 months. reserves the right to terminate the beta test earlier than the duration period described above. could make a decision to bring to the market the commercial version of this technology. In this case:

  • Beta-Customer will benefit with exclusive commercial terms in case they wish to use the Product in the future;
  • Beta-Customer provides permission to publish the success story with its name, logo, and usage experience on the marketing website of the Provider.
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