Payroll PSP business model

This business model is suitable for major money transfers to individuals (payroll):

  • salaries;
  • bonuses;
  • other types of mass payments.

The key advantage is the automation of mass payments process.

PSP Payroll business model

Administrative options:

  • Control over all operations;
  • Create an operator to generate applications;
  • Create a group of users for mass payments;
  • Upload a payroll statement with the data:
  • Payment amount ;
  • Payment currency;
  • User’s ID.
  • Create an application for withdrawal:
  • In manual mode;
  • In automatic mode.
  • Schedule applications;
  • Accept applications;
  • Access to history of transactions;
  • Reporting.

Typical list of actors for Payroll PSP business model:

  • Primary actors:
    • Payroll manager;
    • Individual (receiver of transfer).
  • System actors from a financial institution:
    • Chief financial officer (CFO) – responsible for the financial and economic essence of the business;
    • Compliance manager – manages the merchants and ensures the security of their involvement in the KYC system (know your customer);
    • Anti-fraud manager – responsible for fraud risk management and dispute resolution between all members in the system;
    • Business development manager (BDM) – responsible for merchant onboarding and revenue plans.
Payroll system roles

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