Get in touch built API for Komercni Banka at Hackathon built API for Komercni Banka at Hackathon
Alex Malyshev built API for Komercni Banka at Hackathon has built API for KB (Komercni Banka, a subsidiary of Societe Generale) during the Hackathon organized by Startup Yard & KB, and integrated it into its framework. The Inaugural Banking coding event took place in Prague, Mar 24 – 26 and hosted 11 talented teams. was awarded a third place. It was a spectacular opportunity for us to demonstrate the immense potential of APIs for a single bank as well as its projected impact for the whole banking industry.

Having received raw bank data in csv format our team wrapped this data into API and deployed it in Amazon Web Services infrastructure. By means of which we enabled the 3rd party providers to access bank’s data and develop innovative solutions on the top of bank’s APIs. Such an approach in banking lays ground for collaboration between banks, FinTech companies and non-bank digital disruptors. Banks in turn gain benefits such as reduced cost and time-to-market, and an opportunity to expand to services in other areas of banking and beyond.

CTO of Pavlo Sidelov said: “More than ever before banks are in need of agile technological partners which can accelerate their digital transformation. API is a recommended technical tool by PSD2. In addition it creates an ecosystem with multiple players and enables banks to secure new revenue sources”.

About KB: Komerční banka (a member of the Société Générale Group)  is a universal bank providing a wide range of services in retail, corporate and investment banking. KB ranks among the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic and in Central and Eastern Europe.

About has a proven track record of providing financial services companies with the core banking functionality that they need, using its secure, robust, and configurable API platform as a one-stop-shop solution. 

Contact us to learn more about our banking solutions. We are open to talk about how can be useful for your business. built API for Komercni Banka at Hackathon
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