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July 17th, Prague, Czech Republic, a digital banking platform wrapped in 300+ APIs, has committed two open source projects to GitHub, the world’s largest repository of source code. The first of these projects is an Angular UI source code which allows a user to build, test, and deploy User Interface (UI) for the backend of payment solutions. The second of these projects is a Postman collection which facilitates the use of APIs. With this move, the FinTech vendor contributes to the greater developers’ community by offering its advanced payment experience to help end users.

Pavlo Sidelov, CTO of “Our goal is to provide long-term viability of our solutions and to keep them on the cutting-edge of technology. One of the fundamental ways to achieve this is to open source and collaborate with the developers’ community in order to create better products and services. We are extremely happy to be contributors on GitHub – the world’s largest repository of code, and the core pillar of open-source development which drives growth and innovation.

We have contributed our UI source code built on Angular, as well as the Postman collection – which can help non-UI developers progress with system components and functionality. Any developer can build their own unique interfaces for their payment solution using the UI source code and the Postman collection, for free. They can adapt, modify modules and components, add a new functionality, and customize everything in a View component of MVC (Model View Controller) software architecture based on an API-first approach. As such, our goal is to make it easier for our clients to customize and implement their individual payment solutions. Open source is effectively the future of software development, so we will continue to contribute actively to the corresponding communities.”

About GitHub: San Francisco-based GitHub, which hosts 27 million software developers working on 80 million repositories of code, is the world’s most popular destination for open-source projects and software innovation. Roughly 1.5 million companies globally across various industries use it to store their corporate code and to collaborate. It’s also a kind of social network for the developers’ community.

About us has a proven track record of providing financial services companies with the core banking functionality that they need, using its secure, robust, and configurable API platform as a one-stop-shop solution. 

Contact us to learn more about our banking solutions. We are open to talk about how can be useful for your business. is a contributor to GitHub
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