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Launch and grow your startup faster with fintech platform

We know how challenging starting a new business is. So our aim is to equip you for a speedy launch that doesn’t require massive time and money resources. cloud platform is a pro-level fintech SDK that you can use to bring to life all your ideas for a brilliant product.

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SaaS fintech solution without
upfront investments

You’re still refining your product roadmap and not inclined to make
investments until you’ve found your market and confirmed there’s a
demand? With, you won’t need to.

Launch and grow your startup faster with fintech platform

Powerful transaction engine

Built by seasoned experts, platform makes a robust foundation for your payment product.

Launch and grow your startup faster with fintech platform

Affordable start

You get to properly set up the software, explore its ins and outs and see how it aligns with your goals and expectations without hefty investments, at a fair rate.

Launch and grow your startup faster with fintech platform

Product development shortcut

Save about a year of active development and get started on a flexible fintech platform, rather than building a custom solution from the ground up.

Reliable payment platform to drive your growth

Cloud app delivery for easy accessibility backend app is available on the cloud via major cloud providers to ensure streamlined instance setup, cut down operational costs and free you from the maintenance routine.

Your ideas + our expert advice = success

Fintech products are diverse, and so are requirements for building new ones. Share your vision of the product you’re designing and receive expert business analysis and implementation recommendations.

Compliance made easier

While we don’t provide licenses or guarantee totally no compliance headaches, we can offer a solution for the cloud solutions compatibility issue. cloud app only processes transactions, but doesn’t have access to your database, which is hosted on your server. Thus, you don’t violate any laws regarding the sensitive data storage.

Innovate through streamlined integrations

Thanks to key functions being exposed as 400+ API endpoints, adding new features, integrations and services for customers are a lot less time- and resource-consuming.

Scalable solution that evolves with you

Designed with growth in mind, software will sustain your expanding user base and transaction volume without any system overload issues thanks to its architecture.

No commitment, no strings attached

We don’t tie you down with lengthy contracts or commitments. Be free to cancel your subscription anytime if you choose so.

Get what you need to launch your MVP. Fast does the heavy lifting to offer early-stage companies like yours a good starting point. With an eager team and an access to the core software components, you seriously speed up the release process:

  • A cloud-hosted backend app with an API layer
  • Customizable customer front-office UI package
  • Customizable team back-office UI package
Launch and grow your startup faster with fintech platform

Make your fintech startup product idea a reality! Focus on innovating and leave us the heavy lifting!

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