subscription-based software: How it works?

Updated on 21 Feb 2024

The subscription version of is a robust hybrid cloud solution tailored to the specific needs of startup or SMB teams. We briefly illustrate how it works below. 

Backend app

You benefit from a powerful back-end API hosted on a cloud server (usually AWS) that is maintained and managed by the experienced team. This gives you access to the full functionality of our Platform and the available integrations with third-party providers, plus allows to develop new features and integrations on top.


Your company maintains complete ownership and control over the primary databases which are securely stored on your servers.

This approach guarantees that your customers’ sensitive information stays within your infrastructure. It also facilitates compliance with data sovereignty and localization regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction, or in multiple jurisdictions where your company operates.


The software includes a user-friendly back office (admin area) that is ready for your team to use.

However, it is your team’s responsibility to create the customer-facing front-end UI/UX (your customers’ area). To help you with this, we can provide a customizable open-source UI design package that you can customize as per your requirements or create a new design from scratch.


The Platform comes with the essential integrations available out of the box. If you need other integrations with specific providers, team will readily develop them for you. 

Alternatively, your development team can use the API documentation and the Knowledge base to develop the integrations on their own. 

Maintenance and support team takes care of the cloud-hosted instance of the software and the third-party integrations and is there to resolve any issues. Your team is responsible for maintaining the databases and a front-end instance. 

Data security

With the approach, your data is kept safe and secure through a hybrid-cloud delivery model that ensures cannot access your data or assets. 

This is achieved by hosting the databases on your own secure servers, giving you full control over who can access and manage customer data, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. Additionally, your financial assets are stored in your business bank account, while the ledger only represents transactions and funds.