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Jan, 12, 2018
Alex Malyshev


Source: Business2community

We are building a payment solution like Paypal. Can help us?

Yes, we can do it, and I’d like to pay your attention that payment industry shows really high competitiveness and expensiveness. So, each market participant should expect approx Euro500k expenses, otherwise, there is a high risk of bankruptcy simply before going live or being not able to survive in the competitive market race. Paypal is a big payment service. I really recommend you to think well whether you’re ready for it or maybe it’ll be better to start from other direction.

We start work based on PRD and technical specification.

For example, in a restaurant a customer will use the app to pay. The restaurant is our client (we process all the cards for them), could the system separate the tip of a waiter (to his wallet)?

We’ll need technical specification and here additional development will be required.

For the merchants, do you provide a desktop version/offline and/or online? This desktop should be connected to the apps (in case of restaurants, when they request to close the bill, the system should send the bill to the app and process the payment. Similar to Starbucks in the USA).

We provide the back-end, and on top of our API it’s possible to build your product with front-end developers, maybe with few modifications in our technology. Please let us know your technical specification to provide you a full answer.

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