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Cloud Hosting

Productivity, stability, and security are the main principles of SDK.finance and that’s why we always choose only stable infrastructure providers who are ready to support production systems while offering all the necessary security and scaling, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM BlueMix.

SDK.finance application is hosted on AWS infrastructure which is PCI DSS compliant and enterprise ready. We also provide the ability to purchase a special license to host the software on Client’s infrastructure.

Our Clients can always choose to store their Data in their own databases. Even in SaaS Model, we provide an option to maintain secure connection and data storage between an application server and Client’s databases.

We provide  two options for hosting your application built on SDK.finance:

AWS infrastructure + your own databases (whether in-house or in the cloud): This option is dedicated to all our clients regardless of whether you purchase the lifetime license or just rent it on a monthly basis.

The databases will be always controlled by the Client and hosted wherever client decides. We will only need to have access to the database for a proper set-up, configuration, and software operation.

In-house infrastructure — is another option for hosting provided for our clients. For clients who purchase the lifetime license, we can set-up the software on their hardware. In such a case, a client is free to choose any type of hosting and will provide SDK.finance access to the servers for a proper set-up of the application.

The aggregate Project’s infrastructure - from the setup stage to the product launch, consisting of the following components:

Developer instance — a dedicated server for developers on which the initial development and testing by the working group are carried out. Developer instance is hosted on SDK.finance server on Hetzner and costs a fixed amount of 99 EUR per month.

Pre-Production instance (or Sandbox) —  infrastructure with the same configuration as the Production instance, dedicated to testing new components in the mode close to the life. It is used to debug the external integration of the payment gateway or another 3rd-party component. It is located on Amazon as a set of all required system nodes: load balancers,  application servers, databases, document storage, and so on.

Production instance — infrastructure dedicated to live operation of client’s product with real end-users and real payments. The Configuration of each environment depends on the expected system load.

Depending on the kind of server, the software can handle several types of load. The software is scalable and in case of increased loads, it can be easily settled.

  • 1,000,000 transactions per day - basic server’s configuration
    • 10,000,000 transactions per day - advanced server’s configuration
      • 100,000,000 and more transactions per day - enterprise server’s configuration