How to get a financial license?

Organization of a financial entity’s work in the Czech Republic

I. Opening of a new company for procuring the financial license or registration (with the required statutory capital)

II. Preparation of the documentation package for registering the financial organization in the Czech Republic

The service includes the following:

  1. Creation of a unique business model in the context of the legislation in force of the Czech Republic
  2. Preparation of the list of documents (in addition to the organization’s regulations) required for registering the company
  3. Primal audit of the Czech National Bank’s (CNB’s) requirements in the company under registration
  4. Development of the key documents and internal regulations for filing the application and registering with CNB, including the following:
  • Business plan (3 years)
  • Financial plan (3 years)
  • Corporate development strategy (up to 5 years)
  • Regulation on the compliance with the measures against money laundering and financing of terrorism
  • Description of the main processes in the company’s operating and strategic activities
    • Organizational structure, and identification of the responsible persons’ scope of powers and responsibilities
    • Statement of registration with CNB
    • Director’s questionnaire
    • Other mandatory documents

* NB: upon registration with CNB, all documents prepared shall be considered to be the organization’s adopted regulations.

  1. Supervision of the full documentation package for filing the application to CNB.
  2. Communication with the employees of CNB in the course of registration, implementation of all necessary amendments and changes.
  3. Training of the company’s responsible employee or director on further actions in the course of registration.

The amount shall be divided into two equal payments: the advance payment at the conclusion of the Contract for Consultancy Services, and the after-payment upon the provision of license.

*Discount will be possible, if the application for registration is filed on the customer’s, and not on the service provider’s behalf.

III. Administrative and accounting support of the financial entity in the Czech Republic throughout its activities licensed under the financial license.

The service is provided by a partner organization to which the service provider shall pass all confidential data related to the unique business plan, scale of commission fees, and the business plan under the license.

  • Cost of administrative support, including the service of the contact person for the National Bank: from EUR 800/month (depending on the scope and field of activities)
  • Cost of accounting support, including the service of the responsible person at the public bodies of the Czech Republic: from EUR 700/month (depending on the scope and field of activities)

IV. Selection and training of the appropriate candidate for the position of the Responsible Person/Director for the interaction with CNB and the Ministry of Finance

The service includes the following:

  1. Critical analysis of the available candidates
  2. Offer of own candidates eligible under the requirements of CNB and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
  3. Training and preparation of the candidate under the financial organization’s standards in compliance with the legislation in force of the European Union and the Czech Republic
  4. Registration of the responsible person with CNB and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic

Independent consultancy

  • Development of the organization’s schemes, rules and standards of work in the Czech Republic
  • Adoption of amendments to the financial organization’s regulations under the legislation and standards in force of the Czech Republic
  • Preparation of templates of contracts, inquiries and applications
  • Development of business models, commission schemes for cooperation with the company’s partners
  • Other consultancy services


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Written by Alex Malyshev on May, 12, 2015