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Platform Concept & 3rd-Party Tools

Jan, 12, 2018
Alex Malyshev


Why do you recommend integration of the 3rd party tools?

We cover all you need in a transaction-related product: multi-currency accounts, P2P money transfer, payments, invoicing, currency exchange, mass payment, prepaid, fees & limits, dispute resolution services, etc. But sometimes we do not have smth on our platform. We can’t be champions in any kind of sport: golf, football and others. It’s impossible. So, we designed our platform in a way that allows our platform to integrate the best tools.

There are hundreds of amazing FinTech tools in different spheres today: Biometrics, KYC, Onboarding, Risk Scoring, etc. is like Google Play for transactional business. Any third party tool can be easily added to Client’s instance. We’ve pre-designed special places for integrations: Anti-fraud system, KYC, Biometrics, ID-verification system, Compliance and others.

It consists of our own core Engine with hundreds of API calls implemented and pre-integrated FinTech tools from different spheres. All these components work together in tandem and in fact is a full-fledged technology solution. Therefore, API calls can be used for adding new features to existing products.

Integration with 3-rd party providers

What integrations are available from the box?

There are available:

Other integrations can be completed according to your request.

I want to use external Fraud Detection and prevention system. How is it possible?

There will be needed an integration with legal databases, which will allow completing anti-fraud process and additional verification with payment methods (cards, bank accounts, cash terminals, etc.), to connect them to the existing accounts in the system. You choose the database, which will be integrated to the system. Our solution uses the integrated checks and rules configuration for each payment transaction. Also, you can use popular scoring systems to ensure minimum fraud transactions level.

Can you help me with few links of ID-verification “Stop-lists” contacts, KYC, AML, Compliance?

Please check this links of ID-verification tools +”Stop-lists:”

  1. IDscan (UK)
  2. ID Co. (UK)
  3. ID-Pal (Ireland)
  4. GBG (UK)
  5. Clearsettle (UK)
  6. Criminal ID service detector recommendations
  7. Idiology (US)
  8. Trulioo (Canada)
  9. Jumio (Austria, UK, India, US)

AML, KYC, Compliance:

  1. ComplyAdvantage (US)
  2. the AML shop (Canada)
  3. VIX Verify (Australia)
  4. Know Your Customer (Ireland, Hong Kong, China)
  5. Accuity (US, Europe, Asia)
  6. Equiniti KYC Solutions (Netherlands)
  7. IBS Intelligence (UK)
  8. Brighterion (US)
  9. DemystData (US)

What kind of reports do you offer to customers and merchants?

We have full raw data in the system. You can integrate any analytical instruments to generate reports on its basis. Examples, Pentaho, Microsoft Power BI.

What information is required for completing integration?

To complete integrations, we’ll require technical information:

  1. Sandbox
  2. Merchant account
  3. Technical documentation


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