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Top FinTech Influencers 2020 in Europe

Top FinTech Influencers 2020 in Europe
Alex Malyshev
Top FinTech Influencers 2020 in Europe

The FinTech industry is booming with new ideas. Startups, digital banks, and unicorns are actively changing the financial landscape. To help you keep up with the latest trends and developments, we have compiled this list of top FinTech influencers based in mainland Europe.

We summed the number of followers each FinTech influencer has on Twitter and Linkedin and listed them in descending order. Starting with the most followed industry gurus and ending with up-and-coming subject matter experts, we hope this list will help you stay on top of the latest FinTech news and ideas.

Top FinTech Influencers in Europe

1. Efi Pylarinou – Fribourg, Switzerland

194K followers: Twitter 10K, LinkedIn 184K 

With a Ph.D. in Finance and Wall Street expertise, Efi Pylarinou is an independent business thought leader, influencer, and advisor on all things FinTech and Blockchain. Efi continually ranks as one of the FinTech influencers worldwide and has amassed a significant following through her insights into the transformations in Capital Markets, Wealth & Asset management.

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2. Spiros Margaris – Rorschacherberg, Switzerland

109K followers: Twitter 101K, LinkedIn 8K 

Frequently heralded as the top FinTech influencer in the world, Spiros Margaris has a strong background in banking and money management in New York and Switzerland. He’s a venture capitalist, futurist, keynote speaker, senior advisor to prominent companies, and the founder of Margaris Ventures. Spiros’ unique experience makes him one of the most interesting people to follow today. 

3. Jean-Baptiste Lefevre – Paris, France

93K followers: Twitter 77K, LinkedIn 16K

With 20 years of banking experience, Jean-Baptiste Lefevre is a seasoned subject matter expert who now manages BNP Paribas’ social media campaigns in France. As a passionate supporter of technology, Jean-Baptiste has a lot to share about innovation and new opportunities in the FinTech and InsurTech sectors. 

Top FinTech Influencers 2020 in Europe

4. Andreas Staub – Zürich, Switzerland

65K followers: Twitter 58K, LinkedIn 7K 

A prominent lecturer at several universities in Switzerland, Andreas Staub has profound knowledge in retail banking, strategy, corporate governance, among other topics. Backed up by 15 years of experience in management and banking, Andreas is now leading corporate development and digital transformation at Raiffeisen Group in Switzerland. 

5. Robin Kiera – Hamburg, Germany

56K followers: Twitter 31K, LinkedIn 25K 

Dr. Robin Kiera’s experience working management positions in insurance and finance and his knack for digital marketing have made him a renowned FinTech and InsurTech expert. As a regular keynote speaker at technology conferences worldwide, Dr. Kiera has a lot of fascinating insights to share. 

6. Florian Graillot – Paris, France

54K followers: Twitter 38K, LinkedIn 16K 

Florian Graillot’s 10+ years of experience in the investment space have led to him becoming the co-founder of a European early-stage insurance fund astoryaVC that aims to build the next generation of insurance of financial and insurance companies by investing in tech startups. Florian regularly writes and tweets about topics that impact the FinTech industry.

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7. Damien Cabadi – Luxembourg

47K followers: Twitter 47K, LinkedIn

14 years of experience managing financial departments and relationships with shareholders and auditors have made Damien Cabaldi an experienced financial services executive. He is now the CFO of Spirit Asset Management, an asset management firm based in Luxembourg. Damien frequently writes and shares captivating posts on social media and his blog. 

8. Xavier Gomez – Paris, France

21K followers: Twitter 17K, LinkedIn 4K 

Future of banking, emerging trends in FinTech, and innovations in finance are just some of the topics Xavier Gomez shares with his followers. Xavier is an expert on the digital economy, a banker with expertise in private equity and wealth management. He frequently partners with the leading FinTech experts and entrepreneurs in the region to cover the latest trends in the industry.

9. Urs Bolt – Zürich, Switzerland

20K followers: Twitter: 13K, LinkedIn 7K 

With 30+ years of experience in wealth management, investment banking, and financial technology businesses, Urs Bolt is a seasoned veteran that uses his expertise to develop and roll out new digital business platforms. He is an active speaker, moderator, lecturer, author, and a recognized global opinion leader in WealthTech.

10.Alberto Garuccio – Turin, Italy

18K followers: Twitter 6K, LinkedIn 12K 

15+ years of innovation, change management, and investment experience gained at KPMG, Fiat Group, Banca Sella, and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center have made Alberto Garuccio a top pick to follow for InsurTech and FinTech insights. In his current role as the innovation leader at Reale Lab 1828, Alberto is looking for new ideas and projects to improve people’s lives. 

11. Nasir Zubairi – Luxembourg

12K followers: Twitter 6K, LinkedIn 6K 

Six years ago, Nasir Zubairi immersed himself in the FinTech and startup sector after 13 years working within Capital Markets at RBS, ICAP, HSBC, and EBS. He now leads the LHoFT – The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, a public/private sector initiative to drive fintech innovation in Luxembourg. 

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12. Martin Moeller – Zürich, Switzerland

11K followers: Twitter 6K, LinkedIn 5K 

Before becoming a part of Microsoft’s transformation team for banking & finance in Western Europe, Martin Moeller worked at Credit Suisse. His experience makes him an insightful commentator on cloud computing, Big Data powered Machine Learning & AI, Blockchain, IoT, and Mixed Reality.

13. Florian Semle – Münich, Germany

10K followers: Twitter 9K, LinkedIn 1K 

Florian Semle helps companies in the knowledge economy to begin their digital transformation. By showing banks, insurance providers, and financial services companies how to think differently, Florian helps them drive digital change and upgrade communications.

14. Martin Arnold – Frankfurt, Germany

9K followers: Twitter 6K, LinkedIn 3K 

As the Frankfurt bureau chief of FT, Martin Arnold writes about the European Central Bank and the eurozone economy. Martin has worked for FT for over 21 years and has a lot of insightful thoughts to share on what’s happening and what’s to come. 

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Top FinTech Influencers 2020 in Europe
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