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FINTECHMATTERS: at the forefront of the change

Dec, 12, 2017
Alex Malyshev


What are the current and future trends in Fintech? How does Polish Fintech ecosystem differ from the one in Germany? What lessons can be learnt from the development of Fintech across Europe?

A wide array of relevant questions were discussed at the Vienna FINTECHMATTERS Summit, Nov 23.

The event brought together innovators, corporates, investors, opinion leaders from more than 10 European FinTech Ecosystems to share expertise and foster international collaboration in FinTech. CTO Pavlo Sidelov was honoured to be among the panelists and had a chance to discuss the development of open banking in Europe and worldwide with the peers. Among other panelists were Marcus Kapun, Head of Digital Banking in BAWAG P.S.K., Andreas Pages, Thomas Labenbacher, partner at Life.SREDA Venture Capital, Jes Hennig of Commerzbank AG. 

Pavlo Sidelov said: “David Khassidov and Kaloyan Ratchev initiated a crucial step towards a more uniformly developed and powerful Fintech ecosystems across Europe. Collaboration is the only way to ensure the continuous success of FinTech development. is open for new ideas and partnerships on the way to our goal – becoming the backbone of the new marketplace of upscale FinTech tools and best-in-class FinTech providers. And such initiatives as FINTECHMATTERS can catalyze the process and trigger the necessary actions from all the stakeholders of the ecosystem”.    

About FINTECHMATTERS: The European FinTech Ecosystem Summit and Business Matchmaking Platform. FINTECHMATTERS connects innovators, corporates, investors, opinion leaders and the frontrunners of the European FinTech Ecosystems in order to generate international collaboration and business integration.

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