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Top Asian FinTech Accelerators

May, 12, 2015
Alex Malyshev brings you yet another portion of top FinTech accelerators in the world. There is no need to browse the web and go through endless pages of accelerator projects to find one that fits your needs. All of them are here, listed for your convenience. This time we cover Asian region.

Top Asian FinTech Accelerators

Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore

This is a leading program for startups in Finance and Banking with representation all the world. Singapore branch gives €15k per team and takes 8% equity.

FinTech Innovation Lab APAC

This is one the biggest players in the industry and presented in key world regions. Asian branch offers training and funding from venture investors for innovative startups that develop solutions for finance-related operations. The firms partners with known Finance institutions, most notably J.P Morgan, HSBC, Barclays, Bank of China, DBS, UBS, Morgan Stanley and more.


this incubator is driven by mentors and runs twice a year. Each team gets a starting $30k investment at seed stage with a possibility to get more at 7% equity. Chinaccelerator is also a member of global accelerator network. Program graduates include: BootDev, TQSurvey, Olifun, Zhu Lou, RaVaBe, RumaRocket and many more.


This Hong Kong-based accelerator searches for exclusive finance startups that develop digital currencies (e.g Bitcoin). Seedcoin mentors are based in China, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and work in different business sectors. Each team gets $50k basic funding at 10-15% equity.


This Hong Kong-based firm offers extensive coaching, mentorship and funding for startups that want to change Finance industry. Current CEO, David Milligan (former strategy consultant for Monitor Group) has enormous experience in innovation management within banking.

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