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Top European FinTech Accelerators

May, 12, 2015
Alex Malyshev

Startup Bootcamp

Founded in 2010 in Copenhagen, it is a leading network of startup accelerators that provides direct access to connections startups require. Their startups are provided with a landing point in the world’s metropolitan cities. The current physical location is London, UK.

Barclays Accelerator

This company offers services to London and New York startups offering special programs for each location. The company is open to any finance-related IT project offering support and collective resources at Techstars.

FinTech Innovation Lab

This accelerator is based in the UK and accepts finance startup projects from any place in the world. You are guaranteed to get mentoring from leading firms and their executives with some PR opportunities.


Another UK-based venture capital accelerator offering seed funding to innovative European startups related to finance. Started back in 2007 it still holds its positions and will provide mentorship to hundreds of new projects in the coming years

Level 39

Based in Canary Wharf, London that great project started on 18th March 2013 by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London offers incubators for startups. Level 39 also hosts innovations and accelerators programs.


This company provides investment and advisory services and primarily interested in innovative IT solutions that bring financial services to the web. The company attempts to create an ecosystem of a web-centric financial system with a startup as a base.

Bright Bridge Ventures

This startup accelerator focuses on EU market of future businesses, also developing business ideas, partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs, and provides seeds funding. The service provides exclusive opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their businesses.

Unicredit Group EU

This company is ready to provide mentorship and incubators for any innovative finance startup in the area. You could get a great support and a network of connections.

Holland FinTech

It is a membership organization that supports FinTech startups and tries to develop an ecosystem of financial innovations. Members get help with growing and expanding their startups on the European market.

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