The Future of Banking: Branchless or Not? Part 4

Written by on Jun, 22, 2020

This is the fourth and final article of the series on branchless banking. So far we have discussed the emergence of branchless in the first part, the advance of branchless in the second part, and the shortcomings of branchless in the third part. Now it’s time for the most exciting part -

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The Biggest Danger to Branchless Banking. Part 3

Written by on Jun, 02, 2020

With a third of the global population on lockdown and scores of bank branches closed, many are convinced that branch banking is dead, and the future is branchless. Is this really true? Branchless alternatives like Revolut, N26, Monzo, and NuBank let customers achieve the same and often

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The End of the Cash Era and the Rise of Branchless. Part 2 (2010s)

Written by on May, 14, 2020

In part 1 of our four-part series about the evolution of branchless titled “Back to the Past: The History of Branchless. Part 1 (1990-2010)”, we explored why the branch is so valuable to banks, how the first branchless banks emerged in the 1990s, and what the top executives at the time thought

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Back to the Past: The History of Branchless. Part 1 (1990-2010)

Written by on May, 07, 2020

Chances are you have heard of the likes of Revolut, N26, Monzo, and NuBank. Digital-first, highly functional, and incredibly user friendly - the branchless neobanks have finally entered the mainstream. It may come as a surprise, however, to learn that branchless banks have existed for nearly 25

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