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10 Features for Next-Gen Customer Experience in Digital Banking

Written by Alex Malyshev on Feb, 24, 2021

In less than a year, the lives of people worldwide changed from digital second to digital-first. Physical restrictions led to a sharp surge in online activity and mass adoption of digital banking services. Safe, quick, and convenient access to finances online became a banking feature consumers

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What Is Digital Banking?

Written by Alex Malyshev on Dec, 21, 2020

Digital banking involves the digitalization of all traditional banking products, processes, and activities to service customers using online channels. With digital banking, any bank branch services are available and accessible 24/7 on mobiles, computers, and compatible smart devices.  From

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Unlock True Agility in Banking With a Cloud-Based Platform

Written by Alex Malyshev on Sep, 29, 2020

A move to the cloud drastically improves the banking dynamic by enabling true agility. Connecting legacy technology, orchestrating new processes, and creating new experiences are all made easier with a cloud core. Its flexible nature makes it significantly faster, scalable, and adaptable to

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How to Choose a Digital Core Banking Platform?

Written by Alex Malyshev on Aug, 10, 2020

The right core banking platform can make or break a business. Compared to outdated legacy systems, modern digital core banking platforms offer more services, flexibility, and opportunities. Current technology can help digital banks and fintechs dramatically improve cost-effectiveness and

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Banking Software United Kingdom

Written by Alex Malyshev on Jul, 17, 2020

Although the impact of Brexit remains unclear, the UK’s financial sector will remain one of the most significant contributors to the UK economy. With over 1.1 million people working in the financial services, the sector generates £200 billion in revenues and £125 billion in GVA

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