View provider commission

Updated on 16 Jul 2024

Providers are third parties integrated with your e-wallet system to provide gate operations such as wallet top-up by a card, or payments for services. Learn more about third party integrations.

Each provider charges its own commission for the operations within your e-wallet platform. These commissions are managed and accounted for within the Contract.

Viewing the provider commission for integrated providers is available via the UI provided out of the box. In the current UI, we use sample providers to show how this functionality can be used.

To view the provider commission, an Admin should:

  1. Go to Contracts
  2. Select Organization (Individual/Merchant)
  3. Select Contract type
  4. Choose Provider Commission
  5. View Settings

The system will show the commission settings:

Transaction TypeList of transactions provided by the integrated third-party
Provider CommissionCan be inserted manually or automatically imported using the API of a third party. These commissions will be transferred to a separate provider’s account (wallet) within the system.
Total CommissionProvider Commission + your internal commission for an operation. This commission will be transferred to a system commission account (wallet).
StatusActive – means that the operation is available for User. Inactive – operation is not available for the User.

APIs for this Use case