Create Prepaid

Updated on 27 Mar 2023

Creation of Prepaid vouchers is available on UI for Merchant, but any User with a relevant permission is able to create prepaid vouchers.

The implemented flow for creation of a Prepaid voucher:
1. Choose the source wallet from which the funds will be transferred after voucher redeem
2. Enter the amount of a prepaid voucher
3. System validates the wallet, calculates commission and checks the limits for this operation.
4. User confirms the operation
5. System generates the voucher number and PIN (8 digits) which then can be used to redeem the voucher.

Create Prepaid


APIs for this Use Case:

POST​/prepaid-coinsCreate prepaid
POST​/prepaid-coins​/calculateCalculate commission for prepaid creation
POST​/prepaid-coins​/viewView prepaid vouchers