Create system currencies

Updated on 30 Mar 2023

The system supports multicurrency. You are able to create any currency you need – it can be real currency or any objects which you are going to count in your e-wallet platform like points, coins, bonuses etc.

The creation of currency is connected with the creation of issuers. This logic is used to be able to connect the same currency to different issuers.

Currency can be created through API or using the UI provided out of the box.

To call the listed below APIs, authorization as Administrator is required.

APIs for this use case

API NameEndpointRoleRequest values
Create new currencyPOST /currenciesAdministrator{
“code”: “string”
“digitalCode”: “string”
“symbol”: “string”
“name”: “string”
“description”: “string”

Currency attributes

NameData formatComment
code“string”The unique code you choose for the currency, which will be used to create an issuer 
digitalCode“string”Any code to use with the currency
symbol“string”A symbol which will be reflected with your currency ($, € or any other)
name“string”Name of the currency
description“string”Any description for internal use

To see all the system currencies and get their attributes use the following API:

APIs which can be used for this use case

API NameEndpointRoleSave from response
Obtain all currenciesGET/currenciesAdministratorCurrency code if needed

After creation of currency it’s required to add this currency to a relevant issuer, to allow users to operate this currency.