How to create an issuer

Updated on 30 Mar 2023

Issuers are created after the creation of the Currency which will be used within an Issuer. One Issuer operates with ONE currency. The same currency can be connected to different Issuers. 

To create an Issuer you should know the currency “code”, which will be connected to this new Issuer. 

After the creation of an Issuer, the System will generate an Issuer id which will be used in the use cases where it is required to specify the currency.

APIs for this Use case

API NameEndpointRoleRequest valuesSave from response
Create new IssuerPOST /issuersAdministrator{
“snPrefix”: “string”
“currencyCode”: “string”
“name”: “string”
“description”: “string”
“active”: true
“orderNumber”: 2147483647
“orderQuote”: 2147483647

How to create an issuer