How to create system Users?

Updated on 30 Mar 2023

The Administrator is responsible for onboarding system Users, and self-registration as a system User is not permitted. This functionality is currently not available on the UI but can be easily added based on the existing implemented flow. 

Create a system User using API:

  1. To call the listed below APIs, an authorisation as Administrator is required.
  2. The service user should be linked to the system organization which could be “system’’, “support” or “cashdesk”. Please check to which system organizations certain Role belongs
  3. Find below an example of how to create a user with the “Accountant” Role.

APIs for this use case:

API nameEndpointRequest valuesSave from responseComment
View list of organizationsPOST /api/v1/organizations1{
2 “filter”:{
3 “types”:[
4 “system”
5 ]
6 },
7 “sort”: {
8 “creationDate”: “desc”
9 }
idsystem type should be provided in the request filter to get only system organizations
Register a new service userPOST /api/v1/users1{
2 “login”: “string”,
3 “role”: “string”,
4 “organizationId”: “string”
 Login: email or phone number, 

Role: accountant

organizationId – id from the previous response.

Users will be created with a preconfigured list of default permissions.