Pay to Merchant

Updated on 21 Nov 2023

Pay to Merchant Use case means the possibility for a User to pay for Merchant’s goods or services via Merchant’s POS. 
This functionality is implemented through creation and configuration of Merchant’s POS.

There’s no sample implementation on the available UI but there’s a list of APIs that can be used. 


APIs for this Use Case:

POST​/merchant-paymentsCreate a payment
POST​/merchant-payments​/viewGet payments
DELETE​/merchant-payments​/{identifier}Delete a pending payment
POST​/merchant-payments​/{identifier}​/calculateCalculate commission fee
POST​/merchant-payments​/{identifier}​/executePay for payment
GET​/merchant-payments​/{identifier}​/merchant-purchasesGet purchases completed within payment
POST​/merchant-payments​/{identifier}​/resend-otpResend one time password