View User’s transaction history

Updated on 11 Jan 2024

This functionality is available on the UI provided out of the box in the Admin dashboard – Users – Transactions.
In the “Transactions” section of Admin dashboard the system reflects the following information about all the transactions of a chosen user:

Field Comment
Transaction TypeRedeem, Transfer, Issue wallet, Created voucher, Charged voucher, Merchant payment, Payment invoice, Gate top-up, Gate purchase, Exchange, Cashdesk redeem, Cashdesk charge, Investment, Cash collect, Cash input, Contract transit, Topup via bank, Withdrawal via bank. 
AmountTotal amount of operation in the operation’s currency
CommissionAmount of commission charged for the operation
Created atDate of operation initiation
DirectionFor currency exchange operations
Transaction IDUnique transaction ID, which can be used for other use cases. 
StatusPending, Declined (​​Pending process was declined), Processed, Error, Rejected (Limited process has been rejected by anti-fraud)

Admin can dive into more details about each transaction by clicking on “Details”.
This will provide more detailed information about a transaction that will include:

Transaction details:Balances:From Wallet:To Wallet:
Transaction IDAmountWallet numberWallet number
Transaction typeCommissionOrganization IDOrganization ID
StatusNet amountOrganization nameOrganization name
Created atTechnicalTechnical
Updated atWallet typeWallet type
Request statusCurrencyCurrency


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