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Use-case: Top-up wallet

As the user of the System, I want to be able to top-up my wallets with different payment methods.

Actor: Individual, Merchant
Actions of ActorActions of the System
1. Log in to the back-office
2. Choose the Wallet
  • Reflect the list of created wallets and their balance
3. Click top-up
  • Reflect the methods available for top-up
4. Choose the method for top-up
  • Use the business logic for chosen method
5. Enter amount
  • Calculate commission (depending
  • on the method and User’s contract)
  • Check the limits
6. Follow instructions depending on the chosen method (download invoice for bank transfer, enter payment card details, etc.)
  • Depending on the chosen method, call the external API of card processor or a bank.
7. Confirm transaction
  • Funds are transferred from user’s external account (bank, card, e-money) to the system account, and debited to the user’s wallet.